Association Information

The Zachary Taylor Parkway is a grassroots idea kept alive and nurtured by dedicated citizens like you. It started with a vision, but it has taken years of commitment and persistence by many individuals to maintain the Parkways as a viable project and to push successfully for federal and state government funding.

To continue this success, the citizens of Louisiana—particularly those of the eight parishes through which the Parkway will run—must support the Zachary Taylor project and they need to be aware of the significant benefits it will bring to a wide geographic area of the state. That’s why we created the Zachary Taylor Parkway Association, a nonprofit corporation open to membership by any interested individual, group, company, or government entity. Minimal dues allow in-depth access to information and communications—both in person and by mail—to keep you up to date on the Parkway progress.

A sister organization of the Association is the Zachary Taylor Parkway Commission, created by the Louisiana Legislature in 1992 as a political subdivision of the state. With equal representation from the parishes along the Parkway corridor, the Commission is authorized to handle various responsibilities in connection with the project.

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