French Creole Pointe Coupee Parish was settled in the early 1700s and today displays a wealth of history, culture and beauty that will allow a picturesque journey through time. Take a leisurely drive along beautiful False River, fish for trophy bass or take a party barge ride and enjoy the sunset on the Fausse Riviere.

Celebrations begin with Mardi Gras parades and continue with the annual antique show, old fashioned church fairs, farmers markets and craft bazaars, 4th of July activities, Christmas parades, and the season finale, Noel Sur La Fausse Riviere in New Roads. Enjoy delicious Creole cuisine or a quick bite with local flavor.

Stay overnight in one of our bed & breakfast homes and shop for that special antique. When planning your next trip, write or call for brochures to help you explore beautiful, historic Pointe Coupee and enjoy the warmest welcome in Louisiana.

Pointe Coupee Mardi Gras
Map of the seven parishes that comprise the Zachary Taylor Parkway